Cabinetry and Millwork Team edited.jpg
Cabinetry and Millwork Team edited.jpg

cabinetry and millwork


cabinetry and millwork

Meadors Cabinetry and Millwork Workshop offers custom cabinetry, millwork, furniture, and paint finishing to our clients.  Equipped with the latest in high-tech machinery, our 18,000 sq ft on-site shop aids our other workshops in creating unique pieces.  Our projects range in size and scale from full kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to individual pieces of furniture to intricate architectural details.  Our attention to detail, design expertise, and woodworking knowledge enable us to create quality projects for each of our clients. 

cabinetry and millwork services:

  • custom millwork, windows, and doors

  • custom cabinetry

  • custom furniture

  • custom paint finishing

  • historic millwork replications/reproductions

  • design services





Nic Williams -  Head of Woodshop

Nic Williams - Head of Woodshop

Katie Williams  - Woodshop

Katie Williams - Woodshop

Sal Elefante  - Woodshop

Sal Elefante - Woodshop

Shannon Depiesse  - Woodshop/Design Services

Shannon Depiesse - Woodshop/Design Services

Tim O’Leary  - Woodshop and Installations

Tim O’Leary - Woodshop and Installations

Jon Pennington  - Woodshop

Jon Pennington - Woodshop

Ralph Spencer  - Woodshop

Ralph Spencer - Woodshop

Jack Bassett  - Woodshop

Jack Bassett - Woodshop

Evan Heilig  - Finish Shop

Evan Heilig - Finish Shop

Tommy Nance  - Woodshop

Tommy Nance - Woodshop