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estate management & maintenance


estate management & maintenance

Our Estate Management & Maintenance program at Meadors is a comprehensive approach to managing and maintaining the systems that run our clients’ homes.

Following an initial evaluation and assessment, a maintenance guide is custom designed to meet each client’s needs. The guide outlines a proposed maintenance schedule broken down into monthly, semi-annually, and yearly periods.  As deficiencies are noted, repairs and maintenance are handled by our team. And, as the small and not so small home improvement jobs arise, we support the activities of the maintenance division with our full-service construction company and bring those resources to bear on your projects.

In the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster approaching the Charleston area, the properties will be protected as outlined in a Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Three Estate Management_May2018-8.jpg



Jim Webb

head of estate management & maintenance



not pictured:  

Jeff Novak -- Carpenter

Ben Lee -- Carpenter

John Owens - Site Superintendent /Carpenter

Jim Richmond – Site Superintendent/Carpenter

Talia Santucci – Maintenance Technician

Dru Smith – Maintenance Technician

Austin Dutrieux – Maintenance Technician





Jacob Berryhill


Christina Ring

Estate Management Administrator