Rates and Fees Overview

Several factors will determine which fees will apply to specific projects including how many samples will be analyzed, whether Meadors collects samples, travel, etc. Please contact us for current rates for the following:

Deposit per structure.   (Deposit Will be applied to overall cost)

Archival research and on-site sample collection - hourly.

Betty Prime, AIA, Architectural Conservator
Kalen McNabb, Architectural Conservator
Conservation Intern

Owners may also select to sample themselves.

sample analysis Cost per sample.

current (2019) federal mileage rate: $0.58/mile (subject to change)


Cost for overnight stays where it is not possible to travel to site and back to Charleston in a day: - varies based on availability and number of nights.

single community report document:

This fee will vary based on how many structures are assessed and how many samples are processed.  Each community will receive a quote for approval before any work starts on the report.